Welcome to the MK8 (Mario Kart 8) Online Wiki

Welcome to the MK8 Online wiki! Here, you can send tournament codes for other players to battle or race against you in your Mario Kart 8 tournaments. Later, you can add the results. We are incorporating support for Mario Kart TV reels.

To get started, it is highly recommended that you complete the to-do list and read the rules. If you have any further questions, check the FAQ page.

  • EDIT: after the demise of Chillv64 I will be charge of this wiki so if you have questions contact me on my page.*-Animail Crossin 9/9/14


Go to these pages if you want to learn about the content in Mario Kart 8. This information is extremely useful when planning strategies and doing online races. Please note that this information could be potential spoilers for some, so view at your own risk.

  • Features
  • Characters
  • Kart Pieces
  • Courses
  • Items
  • Misc.

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